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Scholarship Information


Scholarship Information

The CDS offers a variety of scholarship support for riders and chapters who would like financial help in achieving their equestrian goals, including:

Educational Event – October 15
For educational events sponsored by a chapter / group / individual.

Individual Scholarship – October 15
For any CDS member with a great educational idea

Judge Candidate Scholarship $500– deadline April 30
This Scholarship will be considered from April 30 to April 29 of the following year. This scholarship is available to assist aspiring judge candidates to defray some of the significant expenses related to obtaining USEF certification. It is in the interest of growing the sport of dressage to encourage qualified L Program graduates to continue their education and to become the rated judges of the future, and to assist current judges to progress to higher ratings if desired.
To be considered, applicants must have been accepted to a specific program and must produce an acceptance letter along with the dates and place where the program will be held.

Hans Moeller Memorial Scholarship $1500 – deadline April 30
Individual rider scholarship, applicants must be 30 years of age or older and have competed at Third Level or above. A rider may receive this scholarship AND a competition travel grant the same year. Individuals who are amateurs or professionals may apply.

Jane Jackson Scholarship $1500 – deadline April 30
Individual rider scholarship, applicants must be under 30 years of age and have competed at Third Level or above. A rider may receive this scholarship AND a competition travel grant the same year. Individuals who are amateurs or professionals may apply.

Carol Plough Youth Scholarship Fund $500– deadline April 30
Individual rider scholarship, applicants must be 21 years of age or under, riding at First Level or above. Candidates are required to submit an application which describes what education the grant will be used for and include the candidates’ contributions to CDS. Applications will also require a letter of recommendation from an instructor or equestrian professional. The amount awarded will be increased as the fund grows.

Sharon Carpenter - Pomona Chapter Scholarship $500 deadline April 30 Individual rider scholarship, applicants must be 21 years of age or over, a member of Pomona Chapter for minimum one year, competed at Training level or above within the last three years and have contributed to the Pomona Chapter in a volunteer capacity within the last three years. Individuals who are amateurs or professionals may apply. Candidates are required to submit an application which describes for what education the grant will be used.

RAAC Scholarship - deadline April 30
Individual rider scholarship, applicants must be 22 years of age or older, possess a USEF Amateur Card and have competed at any level. Rider must have ridden in the Regional Adult Amateur Competition (RAAC) and use the scholarship funds for dressage education or competition. Three scholarships will be available each year, one from the North, one from the Central and one from the South Region. A $200 scholarship will be available to each Region.

Linda O'Carroll Fund

Scholarship fund used to sponsor the CDS Adult Amateur Clinic

The CDS Club 100 - no deadline - To support junior riders and young riders who are competing at a minimum of Training Level. The Grant money can be used for any dressage educational purpose. If you are interested in a Club 100 Grant, please send an application to the CDS Central Office. Please include a copy of a test at Training Level or above. (As proof of eligibility) Both rider and owner must be members of CDS in good standing to be eligible for grants. Please include a copy of a test at Training Level or above.

Applications are available as a link above (Scholarship Forms and CLUB 100 Scholarship) and from the CDS Central Office. You must telephone or write the Central Office to request an application for the program(s) for which you want to apply.

The Committee
The scholarships are awarded by a committee that meets several times a year.
The members are:


Nancy Szakacs (408) 476-4743
Ruth Shirkey (408) 602-0994
Patti Schofler (707) 763-1065
Pat Hart (714) 299-6507 Chair
Louise Koch (805) 449-8787
Linda Barone (760) 518-7981
Kathy Goldstein ( 415) 892-4560


CDS Scholarship Awards $5,000 in 2016

Jane Jackson awarded to: Ashleigh Flores-Simmons
Ashleigh Flores-Simmons - Elk Grove, CA
I have been a CDS member since 2008. I belong to the Sacramento Valley CDS Chapter.
I intend to use the scholarship funding towards training, show expenses, and clinic opportunities. I plan on showing at the CDS Championship Show in September at Third Level this year. Also, we are going to the NAJYR Championships in Colorado this July to represent the US in Para-Dressage. My goal for this year is to gain as much knowledge and experience to improve as a rider and work towards advancing up the levels. Through this I hope to further solidify my partnership with my horse, Binero, because without him none of this would be possible. I understand and appreciate the amount of harmony between horse and rider that must occur for success in this sport and it drives me and is something I strive for. I would like to compete at the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Quebec and the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. By working hard now and improving both in able bodied and Para-Dressage I can be better prepared for the future.

Hans Moeller awarded to: Allison Mathy
Allison Mathy - Petaluma, CA
I have been a member of the California Dressage Society for at least 15 years. I currently belong to the Sonoma Chapter. I volunteered a day of teaching to my chapter as a fundraiser in 2015 and also regularly participate in our fundraiser Dressage in the Wine Country. I also sponsor IALHA High Point awards to many Dressage Shows throughout California including all the Golden State Dressage Shows, The Dressage Affaire, and Del Mar National.
I am a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist.
This past January I travelled to Wellington Florida with two of my upper level horses to do an intensive training session. I am very passionate about my work and have a great desire to improve my education and become all that I can be as a professional Dressage rider and trainer. The Iberian horses are becoming more and more popular in the U.S. and are proving their compatibility with adult amateur and junior/young riders in addition to professionals.
I clinic regularly and host monthly clinics at my barn, but was in need of full time training to advance my skills and continue to enhance my abilities as a trainer, rider and educator. My main coach is based in upstate New York, not ideal for me in California. But going to Florida allowed me to train with him in good weather and for a solid amount of time. Being immersed in a horse culture of so many likeminded professionals was an excellent learning opportunity. I was able to attend Global Dressage almost every weekend to watch top riders from all over the country and from Europe compete in CDI’s and CDI W’s. There were many clinic and symposium opportunities I attended and outstanding riders and judges that I shared the riding arena with on a daily basis. We all supported each other and shared our ideas and insights. It was fantastic!
I am a lifelong student and long to improve my skills and talent as a rider and teacher.

Carol Plough awarded to: Marcy Morse
Marcy Morse - Lafayette, CA
I have been a CDS member for about five years, and belong to the East Bay Chapter. I am applying for the Carol Plough Scholarship. I would use this money to fulfill my desire to show PSG at the CDS Championships. My goal is to not just show Prix St. Georges, but to do exceptionally well! I also would like to earn my silver medal in the process. This funding will help me accomplish this goal. Not only will I benefit from this funding, but the California Dressage Society will, as well. To show my appreciation I am going to volunteer countless hours of my time by being a runner, helping post scores, putting out ribbons, and whatever else I am asked.
I have been showing since I was 7 on my first pony Daisy. I started showing as a CDS member with my pony Rosecreek’s Chips - O - Rego when I was about 10 in 2011. I rode with Jessica Miller when I was six to eleven. Then I rode with Courtney Kelley for about a year, then started training with Tracey Hill who I am in training with to this day. Currently, I am full leasing Sante’ who is owned by Christy Cadwalder.
I do not hold any USDF medals, one more thing this funding may help me achieve. I have entered in the raffle for the 2016 northern junior clinic.

RAAC Central - Jennifer Nunes
I have been a member of the Ventura County Chapter, for approx.10 years. I have been on the Board of VE Chapter for the last 6 years, 5 years as the Chapter Chair.
My purpose for applying for the Adult Amateur Scholarship is to help fund my first CDS Championship Show. I am very excited to be able to reach this point with my horse and compete at the 2016 show. l attended the 2011 Championship Show as a groom for my trainer and also worked as a ring steward in 2012 and 2014. I have seen what a fantastic show it is and am looking forward to participating as a competitor this year. As I work full time, am a mother to two teenage boys, and a wife to my husband of 15 years; time, energy and finances are always a concern for my show career.I would use this scholarship money towards my entry/stabling fees at LAEC in September.
Last year, 2015, at Cool August Nights, was my first RAAC competition. I plan on attending this year in Del Mar. I have earned my Bronze and Silver USDF medals.
Through the Chapter, I manage schooling dressage shows, educational events and clinics for our members. I spend a lot of time planning these and handling the arrangements as well as getting sponsor donations for our show prizes. As the Chairperson, I attend the CDS Annual Meetings, provide the Chapter basket, and schedule monthly meetings for our Chapter board. In the past, I have volunteered as ring steward, scribe, runner and scorer at many local Ventura County Shows.
North - no applications
South - no applications

CDS Educational Scholarships
Valley Oaks Chapter $1,500. Awarded
Journey To Second Level Clinic Series
Second Level has long been described as one of the most difficult levels to master- it is the first time we ask a horse to be truly “through”, “on the bit”, and “in collection”. It is also the first time we introduce lateral work (shoulder in, haunches in), and the first time we perform any kind of collecting walk work (turn on the haunches). The horse must show the power and uphill balance of the medium gaits, and the rider must sit all trot work. So it is a huge leap in training and rider ability!
This educational event is a 3 weekend long clinic/symposium series spread over four months­ specifically focused on lower level horse/rider teams- with the intent to show the training and exercises that can help such a team advance toward Second Level. The clinic will feature 8 riders/horses at lntro to “almost” 2nd level, and will be in a symposium format, with 45 minutes of riding instruction followed by 15 minutes of Q and A and discussion with the audience, so it is designed to be inclusive of both riders and auditors. We will see the same horses and riders at each of the three clinic dates, so will see how their training progresses over the four months.
This clinic is specifically focused on the training process to bring a horse along from “Intro” to Second Level. It is in a combined clinic and symposium format, with Q&A during each demo training ride, then detailed Q and A and discussion mid-day and at the end of the day. It is spread over a series of three clinics over four months to show the progress of the horses. Auditors and riders will come away with specific exercises and a training “plan” to help them bring their horses along through the basics of the lower levels. Horses and riders are of all levels and abilities, with AA riders, Juniors, and a few local trainers participating. Horse breeds range from Friesian cross, Paint,Draft, Warmblood cross, and Warmbloods- with the intent of showing the training process with many different types of horses. We will have demo riders/horses at lntro through “Almost 2nd Level” to show the progression.
Clinicians: Sue Curry, Janet Foy

Club 100 Grant Fund
The CDS Club 100 has budgeted certain funds for each calendar year. CDS would like to support junior riders and young riders who are competing at a minimum of Training Level. The Grant money can be used for any dressage educational purpose. Both rider and owner must be member of CDS in good standing to be eligible for grants. Grants are up to $200, to be given to juniors wanting help with lessons or costs for an educational event. Grants are also available for Chapter Junior events. Payment is made directly to the event or clinician.
Isabella Cutillo                      

      The Mission of the Scholarship Committee (SC) is to provide financial support, in the form of specific grants, to promote and foster all aspects of membership education. Specifically, the Scholarship Committee will work to grant financial aid and support to Chapters that provide educational events which are consistent with the overall educational goals of CDS, and in compliance Committee guidelines. Individual scholarships shall be awarded based on guidelines established by the Committee in compliance with the wishes of the originator of the specific scholarship fund, when applicable. Scholarships will be awarded only to CDS chapters or CDS members who are domiciled in California or Nevada. Scholarship grants recommended by the SC must be approved by the CDS Executive Board.
      1. Committee membership. The Scholarship Committee consists of two individuals from each of the three CDS Regions. Appointments to the Scholarship Committee will be recommended jointly by the two elected Regional Directors, and approved by the CDS Board of Directors. Committee members may serve up to two, 3-year terms. Terms shall be staggered. The Chair shall be determined by vote of the sitting Committee members. One Committee member shall act as finance coordinator. One Committee member will act as the secretary. [NOTE: Descriptions of functions of Chair, Secretary and Finance Coordinator to be written by the SC.] One member of the CDS Board will serve as liaison between the Board and the Committee, but is not a voting member of the Committee. The CDS Treasurer is an exofficio member of the Scholarship Committee
   2. Meetings. The Scholarship Committee will hold a minimum of one face-to-face meeting each year which will coincide with the annual meeting of the California Dressage Society. Other meetings will be held by conference call. The schedule of meetings for the year will be established at the January meeting and these dates widely published throughout CDS to promote timely applications. The 2nd quarter meeting should be scheduled by mid May each year, to ensure prompt action on the applications submitted in accordance with the April 30th deadlines for the individual scholarships i.e. Jane Jackson, Hans Moeller, Carol Plough, etc. 3rd and 4th quarter meetings to be scheduled in August and October such that the minutes can be completed and submitted at the next CDS Board meeting. In order to conduct business, the scholarship committee must have a quorum of four out of six members present, whether personally present or present by telephone. All deliberations of the committee will be confidential and will be held in closed session. Minutes shall be submitted to the CDS Board detailing all actions taken by the Scholarship Committee and recommendations regarding scholarship grants and additional administrative issues pertaining to the effective functioning of the Committee. Once approved by the Board, these minutes shall be public.
      3. Funding: The Scholarship Fund is supported by the proceeds of the Educational Endowment Fund, 60% of the Chapter Basket Silent Auction, and from CDS Pylon sales. These funds are invested, and the total amount available for scholarships in any given year depends on the income produced by these investments. The amounts available for scholarships will comprise 75% of the prior year’s interest and dividend income earned by the Fund. . The remaining 25% will be returned to the capital of the scholarship fund. In addition, CDS receives scholarship income from a variety of bequests and individual donations. Bequests and donations will be deemed donations to capital unless stipulated otherwise by the donor at the time of making the donation. The committee will not invade capital to award scholarships except in extraordinary circumstances. All funding recommendations by the Committee must be approved by the CDS Executive Board.
      a. By November 1st of each year, the Committee shall develop and submit to the Board a proposed budget for educational and rider scholarships as well as administrative expenses for operation of the Committee based on estimates of available funds for the coming year.
      b. The CDS Treasurer is the signatory on the Scholarship account.
      c. The CDS Board of Directors will approve all scholarship grants.
      d. For the January meeting, Treasurer and SC Finance Coordinator will review and provide information on all funds available for scholarship grants including: General Scholarship Fund, Club 100, Carol Plough, Sharon Carpenter, Linda O'Carroll ,and Bobby Keville Funds. For the amount available from the General Fund, specific detailed information on what the amount is to cover will be provided.
      4. Awards: Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the merit of the proposal. Scholarship awarded may not be for the full amount requested. Applications will be considered four times a year. The deadline for applications will be January 1 to be considered for the first quarter, April 30th for the second quarter, August 1 for the third quarter and October 15th for the final quarter of the year. If a particular application is denied, it can be resubmitted for consideration at subsequent meetings. Scholarships may be considered after the fact for activities already held when those activities meet the criteria.
      5. Scholarship Applications: Chapter Educational Scholarships are intended to provide financial assistance to Chapters to offer educational events that might not break even on their own. In addition to detailed descriptions of the planned program, all applicants must submit a current Treasurer's report, bank account balance and program budget detailing expected revenues and expenses for the program. (Successful applicants shall be awarded 75% of the approved amount, and up to all of the remaining 25% upon completion of the program and submission of a final program summary and financial report (including a profit & loss statement) to the Committee.
Scholarship Forms Available


To apply for a scholarship write to:
California Dressage Society
Paula Langan, Office Manager
P.O. Box 417
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

CDS Competition Travel Grant Program

To establish an orderly process for the allocation of funds to aid travel by CDS members residing in California and Nevada who have been selected for participation in National and International dressage competition.


A sub committee of four members of the CDS Executive Board as appointed by the President with approval of the Executive Board.

Allocated funds are to be maintained in a separate account category by the CDS treasurer. Funds are to be derived from the $3 fee per horse at CDS recognized competitions, funds from the CDS general fund and additional funds obtained through active fund raising efforts for this specific purpose.

Early each calendar year the committee will designate those competitions which will be considered for grants during the coming year. A designated amount will be budgeted for each venue and this amount will be distributed equally among qualified participants. Depending upon the number of qualifying events each year a grant will usually be between $500 and $1500. The ceiling amount per eligible candidate is $2,500 per calendar year. Unused amounts can be carried forward into the next year.

Intent forms:

Riders who would like to be considered for a grant during the calendar year must have a letter of intent on file in the CDS office before the event. Forms for the CDS Competition Travel Grant are available online and from the CDS office. The CDS Competition Travel Grant for the current year listing the eligible competitions will also be printed in Dressage Letters.

Payment of Grants:
Payments will normally be made upon return from the event for which the grant has been made. If both the owner and rider of a horse apply, the grant will be split, otherwise the grant goes to the applicant, which has traditionally been the rider.

Rider and owner must both be members of CDS in good standing to be eligible for grants. Riders are expected to comply with reasonable requests for service to the memberships in return for obtaining grant funds.


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